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The Cool Greens
The Cool Greens

The Cool Greens

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What your skin has been asking for. This ultra-hydrating blend of sweet greens and aloe vera will leave you feeling refreshed and glowing. 

Celery contains several anti-inflammatory compounds that aid in the body's defense against disease.  Pears are also very rich in flavonoid antioxidants that also fight inflammation. 
Celery is the holy grail of antioxidant foods containing at least 12 different kinds of antioxidants in a single stalk. Aloe vera also contributes while also adding some antibacterial properties as well.
Thanks to their high water content (96% that is) cucumbers are super hydrating, providing your body with loads of water, essential for a healthy body. That combined with celery's alkalizing properties makes getting in your daily water consumption no problem.